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This program has been amazing and has helped change my life. I have learned more about my body and what it needs, as well as losing weight and improving my overall life. Roxanne is amazing through the process and the weekly scans helped to see my progress and keep me motivated. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who has been trying to get healthier in their life and needs a little help along the way.
— Katie Hermes
I have been up and down with my weight and health challenges for years. I am happy to say this is the best program I have been on to meet my specific goals and challenges. I’m thrilled with my long term results.
— Amy Collier
I participated in this program for 12 weeks. My goals were to lower my cholesterol, lower my triglycerides, and to lose weight. In about 11 weeks I dropped my cholesterol about 60 points, dropped my triglycerides over 50 points and lost 20 pounds. I also lost 10% of my body fat, and greatly improved my visceral fat. It was great! Not only that, I also learned a lot about the kinds of foods to eat to stay healthy. This plan is great for eating at home and very easy when eating out. Wonderful program! Great support! So glad I participated!
— Terri Pollard
Cheyenne Weight Loss has been the resource I have been needing to start my journey to better health and continue down a positive road. I have been so impressed with the support I have received along the way and most importantly the results.
— Stephanie Joy Meisner
This program helped me not only lose weight but change my lifestyle and I feel amazing. I lost 36lbs in 12 weeks and gained knowledge and confidence. When I started the program I didn’t have much energy and I almost always had a stomach ache and just never really felt good. I now have a lot more energy and feel great. I am a very active person but I was struggling with motivation and joint pain. I am now training for a half marathon! I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious about changing their lifestyle and feeling great.
— Corina Sanders
Every diet I tried in the past seemed to end with me heavier than before so I just quit trying to diet. This seemed different.. more of a life style I tried it. And it is working for me. I am down 30+ lb so far and have more energy. I travel a lot so I made some adjustments like traveling with healthy snacks . Over the holidays I slowed my weight loss but I am still shedding the weight and feeling great energy. The focus is on body composition ,not just the scale. I am losing body fat and building up muscle. Also there are great on-line resources for new ideas for meals and for sharing ideas.
— Janet Anderson
i started here back in March 2019. I’ve had my ups and downs with my weight my entire life and it’s always been hard to stay the course and be motivated for myself. I’ve always worried about everyone else around me and lost focus on my own personal goals and healthy life style. since I’ve been in this program it has changed my entire mindset. Roxanne has gone leaps and bounds for me in this program and I’m forever grateful. when I get off track she’s always pushing me to meet my goals an I appreciate everything. I would recommend this program to anyone!!! sign up! don’t wait! Time is always ticking you owe it to yourself to be better everyday!
— Noah Teasley
I am so thankful to have worked with Cheyenne Weight Loss. They’ve helped me navigate my battle with food and pain, educated me on the “why’s”, and supported and cheered me on at every turn! I couldn’t be happier with my continued results, and am excited to be continuing my journey with them through the Mastery course now! Definitely worth the time and energy and money to invest in my well being!
— Morgan Martin
We not only recommend Cheyenne weight loss. we proudly promote their program. Please stop in and see their wonderful location and what they all provide.
— Some Like It Hot Tanning
Roxanne is a great coach. She is there for the participant from a motivational/psychological standpoint and is also great with nutrition from recommendations to tweaks in your program. I’m not the best ‘patient’ but she has all the patience to keep you on your journey. I highly recommend this program!
— Jeff Teasley, Client