Testing and tracking is vital to your success.

Many weight loss programs allow you to drop pounds quickly, but it you have to be losing the right kind of weight in a healthy way in order to keep it off. With Cheyenne Weight Loss, tracking, testing, and supplements are used to monitor progress and ensure participants are losing body fat and not muscle mass or water weight. Through technology like the InBody570 scan and lab work, we can create a program that perfectly fits you. We create for you a way of eating based on the unique science of your body, and design a program to help you burn fat and maintain muscle.


Blood Work

If participating in the 12-week program we will start your journey with comprehensive testing. Blood work is essential to figuring out if you qualify for our program. We will do pre- and post lab work to measure health goals and support your body's unique journey through the program.


Body Scans with InBody570

INBODY® Body Composition is the most advanced BIA body composition analyzer on the market. It performs 7 key tests in only 45 seconds.

When you attend your initial session with Roxanne, you will get a scan on our inBody 570, which will give us a picture of your overall health. This will also help us determine if you have Metabolic Syndrome.

inBody scans measure:

Muscle Mass
Body Fat
Obesity Analysis
Water Distribution
Body Weight
Visceral Fat
Basal Metabolic Rate*

*Based on your individual basal metabolic rate, we will be able to customize your daily food intake and know how many fats, proteins and carbs you should be consuming daily for weight loss.


Know your body

Our InBody 570 scale measures weight, water, muscle and visceral fat around the organs. Book your scan to learn more about your health and if you qualify for the MetaLife program!

Each week in the 12-week program, you will get a print out of results to ensure we are making progress in your journey. We closely monitor your body fat % and muscle mass % to ensure the weight being lost is fat and not muscle or water weight.

If you are only interested in doing a single InBody570 scan without the program, we offer them for are $30 per scan and print out.

Aceva supplements.PNG

aceva Supplements

Along with at least 12 weeks of group and one-on-one coaching, weekly InBody570 scans, and daily food charting, the 12-week MetaLife program includes supplements to ensure your success.

With only the best ingredients, these plant-based nutrients regulate hormones, reduce sugar cravings, and support healthy digestion and energy.