Cheyenne's only accountability-driven weight loss program


Included in your initial one-hour session we will review your blood work with you, capture your health goals, discuss what other attempts at weight loss you have tried, and what your quality of life is. We want to know, do you suffer from chronic fatigue? Are you dealing with anxiety or depression? Do you feel like you can never get a good night's sleep? 

Our program utilizes the MetaLife system, which includes:

If I had to give myself advice when I first started the program I would say to trust the process. Eat more vegetables, and don’t complain about it. Do more cardio when first starting to get going, and don’t get discouraged about weight on every week. I know I am losing fat and gaining muscle.
  • Access to Aceva and Nudge media apps to log your daily food entries and communicate with your Health Coach

  • Participant guide to refer to throughout the program

  • Food charts

  • Recipes

  • 7 different Aceva nutritional supplements

  • Online support

  • 12 weekly education classes/check-ins

  • Weekly inBody 570 scans to measure progress

  • Pre/post lab tests.


*12-week program retail total cost ranges from $1,500-$1,900 dependent on participant's goals and needs. Service fees include a personalized nutritional plan, weekly body comp analysis, nutritional curriculum, one-on-one and group support. Payment plans are available


Before and After Results