Change the way you eat, move, and live...for life. 

Are you struggling with unwanted weight? Or more importantly, are you struggling with your overall health and happiness? If so, we have the solution. No more yo-yo diets or "quick fixes" that don't last. This program is designed for weight loss for LIFE. Now is the time to invest in your health.

Cheyenne Weight Loss uses the MetaLife system which is a lifestyle empowerment program and sustainable weight loss solution. The program is designed with one end goal, to make you HEALTHIER. A great side effect? You lose weight in the process.  Led by Dr. Marley Smith, DC and MetaLife health coach Roxanne Woods, this is the only long-term, accountability-based weight loss program in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Meet roxanne

Roxanne Woods is Cheyenne Weight Loss's health coach, teaching the MetaLife program, working one-on-one to give you individual support, feedback, and motivation to continue your health journey.

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meet dr. Marley

Dr. Marley Smith, DC blends his clinical expertise and passion for nutrition to ensure your success. This program is a doctor monitored program and designed for results.




My energy has increased a lot since I started 3 months ago. I don’t feel like I’m falling asleep at my desk during the day. I can go out and do things all weekend and not feel exhausted. My sleep has improved since I now stay asleep during the night instead of waking up every few hours. Due to the whole program I am in a much better place with my life and don’t consider myself depressed anymore. I want to do things, I like how I look in my clothes again and I’m over all happier with my life!
— Katie CWL participant

No more tasteless, boxed food diets! 

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