Change the way you eat, move, and live...for life. 

MetaLife is a Lifestyle Empowerment Program and sustainable weight loss solution, offering 12 weeks of health coaching, supplements and individualized support. Led by Dr. Marley Smith, DC and health coach Roxanne Woods, MetaLife is the only long-term, accountability-based weight loss program in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Learn more by attending one of our free workshops on the MetaLife program, and why it’s the last weight loss program you will ever need. After attendance at the workshop, we can schedule you for a one-on-one consultation with our health coach to assess your body composition and health markers to see if you would benefit from the MetaLife program.


Is It JUST A Weight Loss Program?

You can lose significant weight on the MetaLife Program but you can also gain muscle, increase energy, improve mood and reduce pain. Our research has shown that participants also see a positive impact in their pain levels, their mood, energy, and quality of sleep. Many people begin MetaLife to lose weight and soon find out it will change their overall health.

One of the most unique aspects of MetaLife is it clinical impact on conditions other than weight gain and obesity. It has shown to clinically impact the rest of your health, for the better.


Meet roxanne

Roxanne Woods is Cheyenne's MetaLife health coach, working one-on-one to give you individual support, feedback, and motivation to continue your health journey.

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meet dr. Marley

Dr. Marley Smith, DC blends his clinical expertise and passion for nutrition to ensure your success. MetaLife is a physician-backed program and designed for results.

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